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1 Regional FlagFuture Mobile authenticator improvements ? MikeLewis Oct 23, 2012 Account Issues Developer Of War.9871
1 Regional FlagThank you Mike for your reply concerning my wifes account MikeLewis Oct 23, 2012 Account Issues Klarick.1682
3 Regional FlagMy Wifes account is being hacked -- Right Now! MikeLewis Oct 23, 2012 Account Issues Klarick.1682
9 Regional Flag"Please consider changing your password" ??? Gaile Gray Oct 23, 2012 Account Issues Ramooh.3286
4 Regional FlagAny reason for telling me to change my password upon login? Gaile Gray Oct 22, 2012 Account Issues Unpredictability.4086
1 Regional Flag[Important] Huge technical flaws with the Guild Wars 2 Launcher!! MikeLewis Oct 22, 2012 Tech Support LeijonaSisu.4760
1 Regional FlagGoogle Authenticator - QR Code "Not a valid token" MikeLewis Oct 22, 2012 Account Issues Beltaine.8402
2 Regional FlagNo more "Authorize log-in attempt" mails? MikeLewis Oct 18, 2012 Account Issues Fantasma Of Doom.2409
9 Regional FlagPermanently Banned for Modifying or Tampering with game. Gaile Gray Oct 14, 2012 Account Issues nexxe.7081
6 Regional FlagFeedback: Mobile Two-Factor Authentication CC Eva Oct 13, 2012 Guild Wars 2 Discussion ReginaBuenaobra
4 Regional FlagRejoice! Mobile Authentication News! Gaile Gray Oct 12, 2012 Account Issues Gaile Gray
1 Regional FlagBeta Feature: Mobile Two-Factor Authentication MikeLewis Oct 10, 2012 News and Announcements MikeLewis
2 Regional Flag(!) Please consider changing your password. MikeLewis Oct 10, 2012 Account Issues Evagal.2584
10 Regional FlagOn Botting and What We’re Doing About It CC Charles Oct 8, 2012 Guild Wars 2 Discussion MikeLewis
4 Regional FlagMy account was terminated after recovering it from a hacker. GaileGray Oct 5, 2012 Account Issues IronBlueFox.6205
1 Regional FlagI was testing out the security from web account and ingame. MikeLewis Sep 21, 2012 Game Bugs DJRiful.3749
3 Regional FlagWhy not do this? Passwords are dumb. MikeLewis Sep 21, 2012 Account Issues Faustus.2069
1 Regional FlagSecurity? MikeLewis Sep 21, 2012 Account Issues SwiftChocobo.3781
1 Regional FlagAccount got restored, logged in with a party while having them all as contacts MikeLewis Sep 14, 2012 Account Issues SaltPeppar.4629
1 Regional FlagDownload failed! Please check your internet connection and try again. MikeLewis Sep 9, 2012 Account Issues Chromie.6947
2 Regional FlagHacking Perma Ban MikeLewis Sep 8, 2012 Account Issues Ian Angelos.4681
5 Regional FlagNo Limit On Login Attempts MikeLewis Sep 5, 2012 Forum and Website Bugs Oxe.6142