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1 Regional FlagShield inside arm Mark Katzbach Jul 1, 2013 Charr Lickage.7318
2 Regional FlagFew people play female Charr Robert Hrouda Apr 11, 2013 Charr CharrGirl.7896
1 Regional FlagI think I'm starting to 'love' my charr. ._. CC Meinke Jan 23, 2013 Charr ABYZZ WARRIOR.2176
1 Regional FlagElexus Shredskin CC Eva Jan 11, 2013 Charr Dante.1763
1 Regional FlagScreenshot of your Charr Toon CC Eva Oct 3, 2012 Charr Baddestchica.2348
1 Regional FlagANet, can you fix Charr Females? CC Eva Sep 29, 2012 Charr ferr.6403
1 Regional FlagIs Charizard a Charr too? ReginaBuenaobra Sep 27, 2012 Charr Blade.7985
1 Regional FlagThe nature of Charr names ReginaBuenaobra Sep 11, 2012 Charr RuneClaw.7321