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Windows 7 x64
i7 2600k – standard clock
2 x EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 ti (1GB)
16GB DDR3 1600

Have tried last 6 drivers with clean installs (and cleaned with Driver Fusion). Currently using 306.xx beta
Have disabled SLI – makes no difference
Have disabled Anti-aliasing (lowest settings – performance)
Have tried setting GFX card power settings to “Prefer Max Performance”
Have tried EVERY solution I can find around the net with no luck
Have logged a ticket 27/8, it was closed because I didn’t update it – resubmitted with all requested info, still awaiting reply

Game crashes and gets stuck in a crash-loop (crashes again when I reload game) whenever I:
- hit play
- I change zone
- take a screenshot
- type /bug
- change graphics settings in game
-alt tab

The only thing that works to get me playing again is:
Set resolution lower (1600×900 works but 1680×1050 is native and it doesn’t)
Set GFX settings to min (except sample rate to native)
Log in on my laptop
Face my character to a wall (least detail visible on screen)
Log back in on my desktop.

PS: there is more than adequate cooling and I have checked CPU/GFX card temps with speedfan. Can’t remember off the top of my head but they were well within acceptable ranges.


Game Advisor output attached.

Note: Game worked perfectly on MAX settings during 3rd Beta (pre-release access)

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Thanks for all the reports guys. We’re currently looking into this issue and so the more diagnostic information we can collect from you guys the better (DxDiags, Speccy, CPU-Z reports, etc.).

Also, if you could let us know exactly when this black screen issue occurs, how often, if it’s ever gone away, and what you have done to temporarily resolve the issue would be a huge help to us as well.

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Hey guys – I’m not entirely sure why connecting directly to the modem has resolved the issue for some players, but if you’re still getting the black screen issue I am curious if anyone could test this so I can see how many other players are able to resolve this issue in this fashion.

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Hey guys just letting you know that we’re still looking into this as the general workarounds do not seem to be resolving the issue for all players and so we’re having to dig a little further to get to the root of the cause of this issue.

We appreciate your patience!

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Just making sure that you were aware of this post, which has some tips that may solve the problem for you: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/tech/Black-Screen-Issue-Nvidia/first#post3964