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Regional Flaggame crashes like every 10 minutesSource
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I stopped playing because of this annoying crashing issue that happens to me like every 10 minutes.
Then few days later, I heard there is a new patch came out. Update my game. Nothing was fixed. Still crashing like A BOSS!
Seriously? I thought you guys were testing.
Everyone has been compare GuildWars2 with Wow.
Yeah Wow is kind of boring now. But you know what? At least it’s one of those game that can still be played.
BTW, can I have my FKING MONEY BACK?

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Danbo- I’m sorry to hear that your having problems. Can you run a Game Advisor and attach it here. This may help us to identify what is causing you to crash.

You can get the Game Advisor here: http://us.ncsoft.com/gameadvisor/

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Hi Feathers – I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. If you haven’t already I’d recommend creating a technical support ticket so that we can better assist you one on one.

As far as a refund goes, you will either need to create a support ticket to put in a request (if you purchased digitally from the Guild Wars 2 website) or you will need to contact the retailer you purchased the game from.