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Because of various reasons, I will now maintain the Engineer’s bug list on GW2 wiki:

You can add on your own or if you don’t understand wiki syntax, just post here and someone will add it for you.

This thread is exclusively for bug reports. Suggestions and discussions should be posted at other threads.

Many of these bug reports come from the thread in bug report section

Weapon Skills

  • Blowtorch can only hit 3 targets at most.
  • Explosive Shot explodes at the end of its range instead of when hitting a target and will use all three procs of Incendiary Ammo in a single attack without applying all 3 Burning condition.
  • Pistol’s Blowtorch, Fumigate, Poison Dart Volley will often miss destructible objects.
  • Rifle’s Overcharged Shot doesn’t always remove Immobilized. And Overcharged Shot cooldown is sometimes used without any effects when the target moves out of range/reach of the attack.




  • Rifled Barrels not increasing Elixir Gun’s range while underwater
  • Coated Bullets allow to hit the same target multiple times under certain circumstances. (max range or when the shot is stopped by the environment) (unconfirmed)



  • Passive increased boon duration doesn’t work with Elixir U, Elixir S and traits Invigorating Speed and Infused Precision. (unconfirmed)
  • Fast-Acting Elixirs doesn’t work with Elixir S (tooltip changed but CD stays at 60) or any tool belt elixir toss and Elixir Gun’s Acid Bomb and Super Elixir even though they are listed as elixirs.
  • Potent Elixirs doesn’t work with Elixir U and Elixir X, Toss Elixir B, Toss Elxir S Stability boon and Elixir Gun’s Acid Bomb and Super Elixir even though they are listed as elixirs; and increase boons duration on Elixir B by ~50% instead.
  • Cleaning Formula 409 effect occurs before Elixir C giving less boons than intended. (unconfirmed)
  • Automated Response doesn’t make you immune to already applied conditions. (unconfirmed)


  • Passive increased Tool Belt Recharge Rate doesn’t work with Mine Field (Throw Mine tool belt), doesn’t seem to give the full reduction on certain toolbelt skills and doesn’t show the modified cooldown on any tool belt skill tooltip.
  • Adrenaline Pump doesn’t work with any turrets toolbelt skills. (unconfirmed)
  • Speedy Gadgets doesn’t work with Throw Mine. (unconfirmed)
  • Kit Refinement sometimes randomly stops working and doesn’t work underwater with the Elixir Gun. (unconfirmed)
  • Deployable Turrets change the usual tool belt of Healing Turret (Regenerating Mist) by the normal non-throwable version of Healing Turret and doesn’t work with turrets unlocked after getting the trait outside of Hearth of the Mists. (unconfirmed)
  • Power Wrench increased recharge doesn’t work with Gear Shield and Magnet from Tool Kit. (unconfirmed)

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Thanks, we will try and monitor this. Once again a reminder that fixes take time to make and test.


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Hi Everyone,

As this thread is not updated since a few times, I will now close it.

From now on, please post in this thread for everything related to engineer bugs.

Thank you for your participation.