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I’m a Charr Warrior trying to do the level 50 personal story quest “Battle of Claw Island”. Each time I attempt it, when I get to the step where I am told to man a trebuchet and destroy the first Risen ship in the bay, I run into a blocking bug. Going up to either trebuchet on the wall, no matter where I aim it or if I do not aim them at all, when hitting the fire skill (#2), I get an on-screen message saying that the trebuchet cannot be fired in this direction. I have tried re-aiming it throughout the allowed range, with the same results.

This issue occurred on Sep 23 & 24 from two separate computers/networks.

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Hi there DeadDorf! The number 2 skill on the trebuchet is a push-to-hold skill so tapping it will result in this failure message. If this still doesn’t work please reply here.

Thank you!