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Regional FlagHacked, lost a lot of stuff, almost lost faith in the game...butSource
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So I received an email on the 25th that my account had been accessed back East(I live on the West Coast), but I didn’t see it until today. Fast forward to me sending a ticket in(still hasn’t been replied to) and finally resetting my password(using a link mind you that was hidden).

From the “My Account” section I can see that someone in China was playing on my account for the past few days…so already I was getting worried.

Login to the game and..yep characters with stripped/broken armor, vendored weapons/gear(seriously they vendored my exotic weapons for a couple silver…things that cost me 5g+ on the TP), all my gold is gone, all my mats, everything in my bank is missing(including the lowbie masks and stuff I was going to transmute at a later date)…

Mind you ANet still hasn’t replied to my ticket, but from what I hear they won’t revert changes made to your account(or at least they don’t have that option yet).

But I decided to see what they had been doing on my account: a grand total of 1500+ transactions on the TP in a few days, TONS of venom sacs sold, TONS of dyes, lots of my mats, etc etc etc(all totaled probably 30g in sales)…my main was in Mount Maelstrom standing in a patch of spiders, where I had logged out the Chinese hacker.

So yea, back to the losing faith part. I expressed my outrage at this incident in chat(Orr) and some kind soul sent me 1g just out of the blue. I was honestly just about ready to /uninstall this game forever(who wants to grind/play the TP back to ~25g + buy back all their exotics?)…but that person totally restored my faith in the community/game.

ANet however…seriously? Why do you NOT have a system to restore lost items? MMOs from 10+ years ago had this. How do you not?

edit: before anyone jokes about “lol bad password?” no, my password was perfectly fine, unique to this game and quite long.

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We are working on an account restoration system that should be in place pretty soon. This will roll back the account to a point prior to the compromise, once certain parameters are met. We’re very much looking forward to being able to do this for players!

In the meantime, thanks for relaying the story of the nice player. I only wish I knew his/her name so I could send a note of thanks, too. What a great thing to do for a fellow player!

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Please read this post for information about account restorations. Then be sure to read the details FAQ so you know the requirements to qualify for the service.