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Regional FlagShips of the Line bugged - Cannot go below deck on Risen ShipSource
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Map: Cursed Shore
Quest: Ships of the Line
Character Level: 80
Race: Human
Professions: Necromancer
Party: Solo
Does it reoccur: Yes

I have searched the forums for the problem that I have been having, but there is no relevant topic.

So, I’ll begin from the start of this instance quest.

I teleport to the Gavbeorn’s Waypoint in the Cursed Shore, walk to the Ships of the Line story instance located with a green star on my map.
I proceed through the start of the instance, killing off 3 Risen before I am able to enter Gavbeorn’s Landing (The fort). I chat to Crusader Eilye Jeyne to start a cutscene that beckons me to ‘Shove off’ on a rowing boat to proceed to the next section of the instance.

Now on the Risen ship, I start on deck with the 5 Asura cannons (which appear after a 3-4 second delay), I fire some shots at the catapults, Risen giants appear. Continue firing shots, the eye of zhaitan appears & puts up 3 bone walls. I destroy a couple of walls when Oozes start appearing below deck & I’m asked to go down there to kill them & plug up some holes with their remains.

It is at this point I run into my problem. When I attempt to go below deck to kill the Ooze, I keep being teleported back above deck. I have run the instance multiple times over a few days now & keep running into this same problem. I can kill the Ooze as they come above deck after killing my 2 ally NPC’s that are down there. But I cannot get below deck with the Ooze remains if I keep being teleported above deck the moment I try to go below.

I hope this issue is resolved sometime soon as I am unable to progress through the rest of my personal story until this issue has been fixed for me

Thanks again Anet!

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Thanks for the reports, everyone! We have a fix going in for this with today’s patch. If you’re still encountering this afterwards, please let us know.

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You have to plug the leaks to stop them from spawning.

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Do you “Fast cast ground targeting” turned on in Options? If so, it’s trying to fire the cannon at your mouse cursor. Turning it off will give you a target marker when you fire the cannon, so you can manually place it.