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Simple…… I would like to know which server has the highest population overall in heart of the mist, I can say that for such a populated server as “Fort Aspenwood” we do NOT have that many TPvP’ers or SPvP’ers in the heart of the mist, even on peak hours, im seeing somewhere between 50-60 people max…

What is your current servers max give or take? maybe we can get some sort of list going

(in case some of you dont have the patience to read all the way to the bottom, here is WHY i want to know this)

Since people want to know the reason for my question:

It is important to be in a high populated TPvP or SPvP server because like someone already stated above, it is sometimes very hard to find players to fill out spots, I just switched servers to one of the more populated servers, which again (like fort aspenwood) has a somewhat dead heart of the mist.

I am assuming every server has their small community of TPvP players, however I would like to know which one of those small communities is the biggest so I have more options as to who I party up with for tournaments.

now that I answered your questions, can you please tell me an estimate of what you see on the heart of the mist, on non-peak, and peak hours?

thank you kindly.

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Just to clarify – the way it works:

  • Your pvp lobby (for example, Stormbluff Isles) is separate from other lobbies. If I’m in server A and you’re in server B, we can’t see one another in the lobby.
  • The game browsers are shared ACROSS ALL servers. This means that all US lobbies play together and all EU lobbies play together. So even if one person is in US lobby A (Stormbluff) and another person is on US lobby B (BattleNinjaParadise), they can still play in the same pub games or tournaments, even though they came from different lobbies.
  • You can play with friends on different servers even if they’re not in your lobby, as long as your friend plays on a server which is in your region (US or EU). So 2 players on different US servers can play a tournament together, but someone in the US and someone in the EU could not.

Hope that makes sense.

K bye.

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Is it an intended design choice that different regions cannot tourney together? In other words can we expect it to be changed in the future?

Yes, for now. We’re worried about the lag issues that may arise, which would be unfair to one of the regions. Sucks to lose tournaments because you’re lagging and your opponents are not.

We may revisit it later, but for now, that’s how it works.