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Pact Requisitioner Hargrove is an NPC that appears in an instanced version of Fort Trinity at the end of the Personal Story Quests. He currently has a merchant buy dialogue, but only the sell option is available. In the non-instanced version of Fort Trinity, he is behind a door that is normally closed, located to the left of the door that leads to the airship.

Problem is.. that door is still closed in the non instanced version, and even when we got though it, there was no npc there.

So Anet you simply forgot to put in this npc this patch?

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If you can’t find him, he’s located in an instance of Caer Aval (Fort Trinity) in the Straights of Devastation after completing the game, too. He is NOT available in the public map, which is why its blocked off.

The entry to this area is southwest of the Fort Trinity Waypoint and at the north entrance to Caer Aval. There is no marker for the instance entry like you’d normally see for Story steps, so just approach the door and you’ll get the prompt.

Once you’re in, he should be spawned straight ahead. If you don’t see him, wait around for a couple minutes and he should appear.