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I’ve come here as a last ditch effort to resolve an issue. I know it’s with NCsoft and not with ArenaNet, but they haven’t replied to my ticket in about 4 full days, and I’m getting a little desperate.

First and foremost, I guess, is my problem (Reference # [121011-002270])

“This e-mail is to notify you that a chargeback has been received by NCsoft for a purchase made for this game account.

As a result of the chargeback, the game account associated with the purchase has been closed and the credit or debit card used in the transaction has been blocked until the chargeback dispute has been resolved."

My family has been the victim of Credit Card theft five times in the past few years. I recently purchased $35 worth of gems and it was accidently disputed and the charge blocked. Rightfully, my account was suspended.

After 6+ days of trying to sort out the issue on what NCsoft needed me to do to resolve the issue, I get this;

“Upon reviewing your issue further, I can see that the chargeback dispute has not yet been canceled. We will not be able to assist you further with this issue until such time that this dispute has been retracted. Once we have been notified by the financial institution that the chargeback was canceled, we’ll be more than happy to release the account back to you.”

But charge back HAS been retracted, I called the credit card company and received confirmation from them. That was days ago. I sent a response to NCsoft notifying them. No reply.

My question, I guess;

So…. what happened? I’m still suspended. I’m not sure what to do here. Is the charge taking time to clear, has there been a problem, or have I been ignored?

I can’t get a reply from a support ticket. The hotline directs me to a livechat, which is never up, which directs me to a support ticket, where I can’t seem to get a response.

What do I do now? Can anyone offer advice? And please, if you must tell me you can’t help, can you offer a suggestion? I’ve been polite and patient and I just want to play again.

I’ve excluded some conversations, as they’ve been long and full of personal information, though I’ll supply any if needed.

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I will ask the team to review this for you.

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Thank you so much Gaile!

There seems to be a problem between the funds going from my bank to NCsoft. Both parties say the problem is not on their end, so I’m trying to sort out where the problem is at. NCsoft swears the money hasn’t arrived, but my card holder swears they sent it but NCsoft hasn’t acknowledged it.

Hopefully I can get this resolved, and I’ll post feedback on how it turns out, for people who might be under the same circumstances.

Well, I just heard from the team and they say until the bank frees up the accidental charge-back, their hands are tied. I don’t like those “finger pointing” games, but I really do believe we’re ready, willing, and able to move forward on this, but the bank is a little slow on getting this resolved on their end.

We are very sorry this is taking so long!

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As was explained on November 1st in the ticket, there is nothing we can do. This isn’t a problem on our end, but somewhere in the processing of the bank. I suggest that you try to purchase from another vendor or pick up a boxed copy of the game at a retailer. As explained, we cannot rebill a card that failed previously. (I don’t know if you could use a pre-paid credit card, perhaps, or another card altogether, but you can update your ticket to ask about those options.)

Very sorry for the inconvenience.