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My game randomly crash from time to time after typing in chat and I finally found why.

Apparently, the game chat doesn’t support the Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard layout…?
I use 3 layouts on my keyboard which I switch between using Shift + Alt.
You can see my layouts with the attached screen.
Since I’m french, I’ll translate to english here.
French (Canada)
- Canadian Multilingual Standard
English (Canada)
- English (United-States)
- French (Canada)

I doubt I can be more specific about why and what is the bug… so please fix if you can. (And do not tell me to use something else then Canadian multilingual standard because I need it.)

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Is this still happening; and if it is, do you know if you’re crashing when you type in specific characters? It’s possible the crash could be caused by entering characters that the game doesn’t recognize.

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We’re tracking this issue, but getting it to consistently occur has been difficult, so we don’t have an ETA on a fix yet. Thank you for your patience!