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Asura Guardians are currently experiencing this serious issue:

Here’s a pic showing it being used by both Asura and Norn (both skills were untraited to provide accuracy) I would like a dev to please respond to this asap so we can all get an idea what is being done.

NOTE: I encourage everyone here to test other Asura class combos to see if they are experiencing the same issue.

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This was a graphical bug with the Shield of Absorption skill which has already been fixed. The effect area of this skill was the same between races even though the graphic made it seem like it was a smaller. The hitboxes and skill effects are normalized between all the races.

In the video you see the targets being knocked back further on the second use of the Shield of Absorption skill because it knocks back targets a set distance and chooses the 5 closest targets to the player. The first Shield of Absorption pushed back the 5 closest targets and then the second Shield of Absorption pushed back the rest of the targets within range. It appears that the skill has a bigger effect on the larger character because the targets were further away from the players than the first use of the skill on the Asura.