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Out of curiousity I’ve been trying to figure out more ways to make gold in Guild Wars, youtube seemed the perfect place to do so, I stumbled upon this one “guide”, again, out of curiousity, I clicked on the tinyurl link which didn’t do anything at all, until I went to my running processes.. I stopped the process asap so I didn’t really check the entire name, something similar to “awesome.exe” and probably a keylogger.. first thing I did was changing my password, I’m still somewhat afraid that it left traces on my computer though. I want to warn people because this was a video with over 60.000 views, it may be one of the big “leaks” where people are getting hacked from.

I will not be posting any links to the video, but I will forward it to Anet.. do not open random links, even when it’s a video with 60.000 views and mostly likes, I’m 99% sure the link, linked me to a keylogger.

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I think it’s helpful that you shared this info. So many of those “guides” are excuses to load up a keylogger on your computer. I recommend using the wiki and trusted websites that do not require a download.