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Regional FlagIs using VPN against any game rules?Source
ChungHan Ho.5837
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I am an oceanic player so I have experienced bag lag that you can never imagine. Therefore, I tried Battleping, a VPN service provider and my account got terminated a few hours ago.

I am not sure if it was simply a coincidence but since I can swear that I never use any botting or macros or buy any gold form those gold sellers, I can’t help but wonder that there is something to do with the VPN.

So, the simple question is that if using VPN is going to get me banned in the future, provided I can get my account back this time. Thank you.

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Just talked to the Security Team coordinator. He said that the use of VPN may appear to give you better service, but you’re not seeing what goes on in the background. If you VPN into a proxy, and the proxy then connects with Guild Wars 2, you can see only the latency from the proxy to the game. That segment may appear to be a better connection, with reduced latency. What you are not seeing is the latency from your system to the VPN/Proxy location. Overall, your latency may not improve at all.

And as an additional note, connecting through routes that are known to be used by RMT companies isn’t a desirable thing.