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Hello everyone,

Due to the recent spike on reports of accounts being hacked and stripped clean, and some of those reports saying ANET is not restoring the accounts i must ask the following:

- If i do get hacked and stripped clean, will ANET restore my account and items prior to the intrusion?

I hope this is possible, because if it’s not, i can’t accept that. MMOs if you are a hardcore or casual player you end up dumping hundreds or thousands of hours, restoration should be possible in every MMO from the release date.

Me as a player i want to feel safe in case something goes terribly wrong, all the money i spent on gems and playing can’t just be washed away and start from the beggining.

Also i would like to add the authenticator to my account, i see alot of posts talking about the authenticator but i see no post saying what authenticator is it, and where i can get it.

Maybe someone should make 2 sticky posts, one talking about how to protect and add an authenticator to your account and another with how to proceed in case of being hacked and what to expect.

Many thanks for your time.

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For information about account security, please see Mike O’Brien’s article on that subject.

For info on the Authenticator, see this post.