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Regional FlagBUG - Vigil path and Skritt *spoilers*Source
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I sided with the Vigil with my warrior, chose to help the Skritt, and


went into the cave to save the missing scavengers from the destroyers. Problem is, after I save the first skritt and go to the 2nd, the 1st skritt goes to his dead girlfriend THEN STAYS THERE! Can’t move him and getting him brought into combat only moves him around temporarily but doesn’t save him. Getting his other friend killed does make the 1st skritt (the bugged one, other one works fine) go and res #2, but then #1 just reverts back to the spot where his dead gf is again. Getting #1 killed also didn’t do anything.

I have completed the mission and killed everything inside the cave. All I need to do is get the 1st skritt outside and then we’re done. I have exited the instance and restarted multiple times and ALWAYS run into the same bug. There are no more skritt inside the cave and my mission objective icon at the top right corner of my screen shows that I’ve completed all tasks.


Please fix this bug. It isn’t affecting me too hard right now cause I had already lost interest in the Warrior and have surpassed that point in my story with my Necro but it is still a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I only hope that it gets fixed before anyone else, especially someone who is enjoying their character.

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