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Hi guys.
I just got a single respond from GM like following.
Response GM Lloyd via Email 11/08/2012 02:43 PM


Your Guild Wars account has been closed for using an illegal third-party program.

I want you to know that we take great care when analyzing accounts prior to termination. NCsoft support staff is both diligent and conservative in determining which accounts are using these programs, and we only terminate an account only after we are able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that such use has occurred.

For additional information, please visit the following links for the Rules of Conduct, the User Agreement, and the Conduct Breaches & Outcomes:

GM Lloyd
Guild Wars Support Team

I’v been terminated for engaging or assisting gold or item sales for real money as they say. but as u see above, I got actually banned for illegal 3rd party program. he didnt tell
me what exactly it is but only program I run on background when I play gw2 is the vpn
program ‘Mudfish’. Here I’m not repeating I’m innocent but wanna make it sure tht using VPN is illegal or not. if anyone can make sure it’s illegal, I’m gonna leave peacefully without any further complaining and take all result.

Additionally I want u guys know what using VPN causes no matter how my case ends up to prevent another bad case like me.

plz anyone who suffered or suffering similiar issue comment below.

P.S : I’v updated my ticket after GM msg. not sure if it can still go on further.

thx for read guys.

Better world but with better way. Peace XD

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An account would not be terminated simply for using VPN. An account would be terminated for what it was doing while using VPN or a proxy.

I answered a question about this recently. Please do a search for my posts to learn more.