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xo wayne.6045
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Hello people of GW2,

I am at my breaking point now. I purchase this game early morning yesterday and have been trying to fix/play this game for over 24 hours. First of all i try to download the game, but no, as soon as i choose a destination of where to install(via CD), it just decides to close every single time. I create a forum and wait for hours, no response.

Fed up of waiting, i send in a ticket which takes over 10 hours to get a response mind you. In the meantime while i was waiting for my ticket, i decide to try my own methods (after trying several from multiple forums). I finally end up finding a way to download the game (used a GW.exe(or something) file in TEMP folder).

My ticket came back and the support responded with something i have already tried. I had also noted that i have attempted the method in my ticket but i guess it was misunderstood. Now im going to have to wait another 10 hours to get a response great..

Well recently my download was finished which gave me a sigh of relief, but as i sign in, guess what, now i have a crash report i have to send. Now im waiting for it currently and looking for a fix, but now i have another problem to deal with, again… Now when I log in, it constantly tells me that my username and password are incorrect, yet i have been typing the same thing over and over.

I have never had this much problems with a game before and i have played many mmo’s (WoW, Aion, Allods, LoL etc.). I know no one will probably help me in this forum considering my other post has been up for hours and no one has responded, but at least i had my chance to vent. If i dont get this working anytime soon i will probably attempt to get a refund if possible.

Thank you for your time and sorry if this had offended anyone. (if anyone is even going to read this)

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Hi xo wayne – After reviewing your system’s configuration it looks like your graphics card may be overpowering the rest of your system and likely creating a severe bottleneck which would explain the crash issue that you’re experiencing.

Your processor, operating system, and RAM are simply not powerful enough to support your card. You may need to consider upgrading the rest of your system to balance out the card. This should resolve the issue for you.

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Xo Wayne,

we are very glad to hear that. And thanks for sharing! Hopefully this helps other players in the same situation.