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Was just playing an event and I’m booted from the game. Attempted to log back in and get a “Terminated for Botting”… Planned on playing tonight for the game I payed for so this is extremely annoying.

I have no information to go on as to why this was done. Never botted, botting is silly and certainly not why I play the game – to have fun. Now I have to wait days for them to reactivate my account based on a ticket?? Why did they ban it in the first place and if they had reason to then why reopen it because of a ticket? This doesn’t make sense.

Better communication = retaining a player base…

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Hello to everyone.

As Gaile Gray has stated in other threads, the processes we manually use in order to detect bots or check botting reports will restore your account once we see it did not do any botting activity. We apologize for this situation and remind you that the best way to return to Tyria is through the ticketing system.

Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.