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hi, bit of a long story and geting stressed out over it

i got a refund of the game one or 2 months ago and closed my account,im not sure when, after my sister kept asking me to come back, i decided to rebuy the game i went to the site and put in the NEW Serial key into the website, it said every thing was fine and to download the game which i did got it downloaded 100% try to log in it says “your guild wars 2 account has been closed in order to fullfill request for a refund contact support” again this is a brand new serial key i just paid £36.99 in a local store i changed my id name when making this new account to avoid any problems, i just wanted to play with my sister again, as u can see i can post on the forums just cant get into the game.

your website when registering the new serial key with the same email from my old account should of flagged up a problem but it didnt so now i have used the NEW serial key for this account which cant access the game at all its been 2 days and unless your support is 24hrs it will be 3 days of waiting

im also disabled and its hard enough for me to get onto my pc but for best part of 3 days iv been waiting for some help just posting here to see if anet has a phone costumer support line ? my condition gets worst with stress and this is really stressing me out

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we are sorry to hear that; we understand that the wait can be quite frustrating. When was the last time you sent a ticket to Customer Support about this? They are the ones who will help resolving this incidence. If you have been waiting more than three days, then proceed to post your incidence number in the following thread.

Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.