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Well, it’s 2.5 months post-release and I’d just like to ask Anet if it was worth it. Was it worth it to “stick to your guns” regarding dungeons? I know I’ve stopped playing entirely due to the lack of “quality” pve content, and I can only imagine how many more have left for similar reasons (or even other reasons, considering how dead the realms are). I know its important to stick to your convictions, and that there are those people out there who do actually enjoy the dungeons, but in my experience, most people find them lacking and you’ve done literally NOTHING to address those concerns.

I guess I just hope that future games use this as a building block… a shining example of how NOT to design pve content. In any case, I guess it was worth the $60, off to find something better.

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Hello Albrizz,

thanks for your feedback, which will be passed on to the team.