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We’ve either done it or we know someone it happened to. It’s a really crappy feeling, several hours or days of work (if you count token DR cooldowns) that become literally useless with a misclick.

Is it really that hard to add a second option which trades gear back for the tokens you spent on it? What about guaranteeing they salvage into the tokens required to buy them? Don’t list heavy and light armour items when you are on a medium armour class? It really sucks to get the wrong – soulbound – item that is essentially salvage trash, especially when there are several seemingly easy solutions to the problem.

It’s happened to many people and it will continue to happen to many people regardless of how easy it is to grab the correct item. The solutions are seemingly simple, please do something about it.

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Hello everybody.

Shiren, thanks for your feedback and suggestion, which will be passed on to the team. A great number of players have already suggested in the subforum Suggestions the implementation of a confirmation pop-up.

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Thanks for your understanding.