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Meltdown NL.2541
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Can a developer pls answer when you guys are finally fixing the problems with events that should open gates to dungeon (CoF & Arah) but wont.
cant you guys just remove the events for the time being untill you guys are able to fix it because people are really getting frustrated.
i notice also that people leave the game because some parts of the endgame cant be done because of this problem and people are gettin fed up with this.

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Hey Meltdown NL,

Thanks for your feedback. The team is working hard and with diligence on these problems and will keep you updated, should a patch/fix arrive. As you see, there are a great number of threads in this subforum and in Dungeons, where the players are detailing their particular incidences, so we will proceed to close this one.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.