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I mean really, was Anet lazy and just didn’t put enough though into the game play?

Basically its this: Once you beat the Subject alpha (not once, but twice) he does ANOTHER return stronger, more kitten than usual. I wish I could say that this was fun, but Anet.. are you trying to make people not play this game?

It is just a bad game engineering and design. But I will just post the main concerns:

1: NOT a fun dungeon to do since basically, you will die and brake your armor so much, the profit margin is actually a negative.

2: The crystals are just stupid. The mechanics is this; Once you get hit, you are dead. It takes too long for a teammate to break it and you are unable to do anything for 30+ seconds.

3: Subject Alpha is the boss in EVERY single path. Are you even trying. This is why my guild and friend will never play CoE. We actually have stated that we will only do this after a Nerf or change has been made.

4: There should DEFINITELY be more chest in this. I mean, so many bosses and crap yet still no chest? Please fix this asap!

5: Dodging the AoE doesn’t help and there is no way to know if you will be crystallized or not. My ele was just slammed into a crystal and the AoE insta-killed me. NOT cool.

6: The weapons and armor for these tokens totally suck. Make us want to play this please.

If anyone else has anything other to add, please do so.

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