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Time to time it is needed to run a refresher thread about etiquette within a game. I know this has been posted before by other in other forms, but it is once again time to refresh ourselves with this.

The most important word that anyone can use for this is respect.

Treat others as you would like to be treated in other words. Last night I had an encounter on my sever which will remain unmentioned. A few days ago two separate members of a guild on my sever purposely trained some mobs onto me.

For those that don’t know what “training” is. I will define. Training is when you cause aggro to be established upon yourself and you lead a line of these mobs into someone else. Thus leaving them to with these mobs on them, which can cause their character to get killed.

To continue; I found out the who the guild leaders of this guild that did this to me and proceeded to whisper to them on what had happened. As a result of this contact I was first called a liar. Then a short time later contacted by one of the regular members of the guild who proceeded to cruse me out in chat.

Within the next hour I suddenly found myself surround by several members of this guild including their leaders who proceeded to bring in a large number of mobs on me and eventually got me killed.

They then rezed me to a point of just below actually fully rezing me. This happened in the two times they succeeded in getting me killed. Act as if they were trying to make up their earlier poor treatment of me. They continued to follow me around for about an hour.

This is called grieving.

This is not how people should treat each other. Be it in a game or in RL. This can also be called bullying. Something that has become something that more and more people are become aware is wrong.

My name reflects my believes. I follow the golden rule. I know not all do the same.

I have been in MMOs a long time. I had thought I had seen it all. Apparently I was wrong. I had never encountered an entire guild of grievers to the point that the leadership itself was involved. Now I have.

My best suggestion I can make to those that do follow the golden rule; is do not hesitate to report someone for this type of behavior. It is wrong and needs to be removed. If you can’t do it in RL you shouldn’t do it here either.

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Hello everybody,
as this conversation has derailed, it will now be locked.
Thanks for understanding.