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There is anyway to make sure this dont happen again?, some tips we can use to avoid this situation to happen again, i was one of the lucky ppl that got account restored but im still wonder what i can do to avoid all this happening again.

I got mail saying was restored etc but didnt say why got banned on first place or if was theirs or my mistake or if i got hacked etc. i would like more info, do i attach my question to the existing ticket or do i make a new one for asking for my questions?

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The chance of an innocent player getting suspended multiple times for botting is very slim. I’m not saying it absolutely will not happen, but it’s not likely that someone will be caught in a bot net twice unless he/she is botting.

We cannot give you advice on how to avoid being flagged as bot, because to do that is to give botters and RMT companies a blueprint on how to avoid detection. I personally avoid “bot hot spots” because (1) bots irritate me and (2) there probably is a slightly greater chance that one could be caught in a sweep. But having said, calling it a “sweep” does not suggest that we block everyone in a zone, or everyone at a certain node, or anything of that sort.