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Regional Flag30 points in Deathshroud does not give extra 30% increase???Source
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yeah, 13 pages of stuff is a lot to skim through in the bugs section, but i was wondering if anyone had seen or reported anything about the soul reaping line. Im pretty sure everyone is aware of the Gluttony trait not adding anything to our life force gain methods, but I have just spent an about an hour testing out if that +30% life force is actually there or not.

I have noticed that the life force bar changes % went you add or take away vitality and I notice that damage does get reduced slighty more while in Deathshroud the more toughness you have. However, when i tested how fast my bar depleted while being beat on by a trash mob with the full trait line i noticed no difference then when I had no points invested in the trait line at all. Is this just me? I am having a hard time testing it exactly because i cant pick and choose a damage source that hits me with steady numbers. The type of damage between crits or a regular hit is random so its pretty hard. But I do notice that I get a few more seconds out of deathshroud with the 25% reduction (trait II), its just that its the same whether I have the regular 100% bar or if i get the extra 30%. (** I do know trait II is working, 10 seconds of DS brings me to 60%, with the trait it brings me down to 70% -tested several times-)

It’s bad enough that I can not fill my lifeforce bar rapidly with that extra 5% applied through Gluttony, but if I also am not getting the extra 30% increase to the actual bar as well, thats just dirty. That really feels like the our main class defining mechanic is broken…. badly broken. That would mean that along with certain broken traits we also have a modifier that is not working when we add points to it. That should be a priority fix as no other class I am aware of gets nothing for using a trait point.

If anyone can test, or find a better way to test this, and confirm… please post something back. And if it’s broken add it to the bug list.

I am really curious to find out if this true. I originally just wanted to see how much extra hp I gained from the DS mechanic and if it was adjustable by stacking high vitality. It seems to add more to the bar by stacking vitality, but I really can’t tell. I do know by looking at the numbers the damage does go down a bit more when i have higher toughness and jump into DS. There was another post talking about this, which is why I started playing with it, but I cant find what thread it was in. So sorry if i missed that place to put this.


Looking for some people to test out 30 points in Soul Reaping to see if you actually get that extra 30% or not as it seems its just bogus. If you can confirm add your findings to the bugs thread, thanks … really curious about this will check back later.

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Hi all!
As you suspect, the Soul Reaping line is not functioning correctly. It’s intended to grant an additional 1% life force per point spent, but does not do so. A fix is already on the way for it and will be coming in a patch very soon. Keep in mind that it will still degenerate based on a percent of the maximum amount, but you’ll be able to take more damage overall.

To test (when it’s fixed): If your life force bar is full and you put points into the trait line, you’ll see empty space appear where the extra percentage is gained.