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Why are game companies, specifically MMORPG games so reluctant to give out information and plans for the future?

I think that everyone would be better off knowing what’s expected to come or even possible ideas for the games future.

We can all agree that this game doesn’t really have much hardcore diversity or reasonable longevity. Since ArenaNet has gave us like any information about the upcoming content, most players would rather quit.

Lets say they planned on adding raids or something, at least we’d know what to strive for and keep us playing so we were prepared for when that patch did come out.

I hardly want to play this game now because I know there really isn’t anything for hardcore gamers but if I’d know what is coming, maybe I’d play more.

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Hello everybody,
thank you all for posting. However, this is the game discussion sub-forum and this thread is off-topic. Unfortunately, it will have to be locked.
Thanks for understanding.