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Regional FlagRoute to Snowden Drifts needs to be addressedSource
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3 of my characters have their story quests asking them to go to Snowden Drifts at level 22ish. However, the route are all redirecting you to Iron’s Arch, then pass Cendarion Fields, which is level 25-35 and there are a lot of level 30ish mobs that is unavoidable. This is definitely a wrong direction to go to. This needs to be addressed and changed to the route through Hoelbrak and Wayfarer Foothills. This can be very insulting to new players since they don’t know the route and would probably follow the anchor blindly, running into a suicide zone.

BTW I tried to report this as a bug in game, but I cannot find any sub-area that I can include this. There should be a General or Misc Sub Area in the bug report form.

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It displays the shortest route to the story entry point. What’s the story step name?