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I wanted to discuss the concept of playing the other gender. Is it wrong? or perhaps deceptive? I realised when playing my mesmer (as a male) that we look quite feminine with the purple/butterflies and thought how much better it would look if i was playing a female.

Anyway i just thought it would be interesting to see other people’s opinions.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for your contributions.

TakaEagle, as other players have already pointed out, this topic started a while ago and lasted for some pages in this thread, so you can always check the opinion of the players in that one. We let you discuss and add your opinions but after a while, the topic derailed. We have no doubt this will happen again with this one and therefore we will proceed to close it .

As already said before, play the game as you see fit: there are many combinations of gender/race to make each character unique in its own way.