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Hi there

I don’t wish to post this exploit on here for all to see, but what I have discovered is a major security hole with the authentication that is used when logging into my account with Google Authentication enabled, I just discovered this today. I can bypass the Google Authentication prompt and login.

I have tested this numerous times and I’d like to contact someone from Anet in a forum that is more appropriate than here. I didn’t want to log a ticket since the personnel that deal in that area have proven in the past to reply with templates and this is something that needs viability and attention from someone senior.


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Hello everyone.

Milamber, could you please send a report to Customer Support (preferably) or to [email protected] and provide an specific description of this? I will just pass on the info to the team in any case but you should also use the other channels. They are definitely more helpful in this respect than the forums.