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Thing is: I leveled my little Asura thief in the Bloodtide Coast. Here, I run in something definitely strange – a few healing towers, left behind in the middle of nowhere. Strangely, they were placed in somewhat curious way – two were build on top of each other, like someone wanted to hide their numbers. (mind you – can give you more detailed screen, somewhat more convincing: the turrets [another ones, a few meters ahead] that look like one turret even at close inspection – they only have two names to show that there are actually two towers here)

As far as my understanding of engineer abilities go, it’s either a bug or there are a few bots near. And in both cases, it asks for report.

So – basically – what should I report? Bug? Botting? And in second case – how should I do that? Any ideas?

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Hello everyone.

Velg, in this situation I would suggest you to send the screenshots to Customer Support directly and explain them your suspicions, as there is really no definite way of looking into this issue. You could choose the Bug tab for that.