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ok so basically i entered my military email address for my account when I made my account since i couldnt use my personal account for whatever reason. this account can only be accessed onboard my ship. i did this not knowing there is an implemented authentication verification for when u log in from a new IP address. this will make things very difficult because I am on deployment and when I get home and try to log into the game and that authentication pops up…I wont be around to actually click the verify link so I can log in. now ive noticed there is an option to REMOVE authentication but it gives me a warning that my account security will GREATLY be reduced

my question is…as long as I dont give ANY account info to anyone…will i be ok? or am i generally just plain at risk by removing this??

thanks in advance!!!

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for your contributions!
As the question seems to be resolved, we proceed now to close the thread.