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It’s not fair that some classes have powerful downstates & others are completely useless.

Thiefs can do massive damage in downstate and spec to enhance it for +50% damage.

Mages can go into mist form and run closer to his freiends to get ressed.

Necro can fear you while doing nice damage

just some examples, but i play Ranger already the most underplayed class, most under powered becuase of LAME PET AI & PATHING, and we get a stupid interupt

out of the 100’s of games ive played ive rarely gotten to use my call a pet to heal me, where warriors usually always get the chance to use there vengence ability to get back into the fight.

so come on how about some thoughtinto balancing downstate, or as others have asked remove it all together, its stupid killing someone in a bunch of enemy who has 5% hp, only have him ressed ahain in a couple of seconds.

It’s stupid to win a 1vs1 fight and surviving the fight with 40% hp only to have a thief take that 40% in downed state.

I have 1800 toughness 2800 armour 22,200 HP, im a tanking ranger and using pet swap can finish someone in downstate in 1.5 secs but I rarely get the chance with mist, fear, stun, knockback, knockdown, by time i get back up and start the finish someone has either killed me or ressed them.

it’s stupid

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Hello Wizbasky,

thanks for your feedback, which will be passed on to the team.