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I’m really annoyed
because my account was suspended.
I’ve never Exploit illegal programs or bugs while playing a game never!
But my account access was blocked.
So I’ve been send e-mail, but can turn only one answer.
Answer it macro.
I bought this game . and played just fun.
I live abroad and the vpn to enjoy this game, as far
I Like the game itself, but your operating really stupid.
so I’m very annoyed , if You dont restore my account today, i will refund this game.
and I will talk to this problem with other people who suffering this.
its my question a few hours ago. and I take your answer.
but your answer is just waiting for support.
however , I already waiting for support during two days!
Believe this problem? I bought package game. its very very unfair!

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we understand your frustration very well and how annoying is to wait but believe me, posting here in the forums will not speed up the process (unless you post in the sticky for those tickets being three or more than three days older, as that is what the sticky is for). Your issue will only get resolved when someone from Support has a look at it, not before. So, please, have a little bit more of patience till this happens.

Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.