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Regional FlagCan I buy a guild wars 2 online for a friend?Source
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This is regarding

Moderator. You have locked my topic without even giving me a proper answer. This is very rude of you and very bad customer service.

I was to buy my friend a birthday gift of Guild wars 2 and the fastest way is to buy a digital copy and give it to her because she lives in Panama and i live in SIngapore. Are you trying to say that buying friends games as a gift are not allowed? You don’t celebrate Christmas?

Please give my question a proper reply moderator or i will complain to your higher ups.

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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for all the contribution, guys. We are glad to hear that you both can play in Tyria, Cymatoperior. And since the question has been solved, we proceed to close the thread.

Thanks again.