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I’m probably going to embarrass myself by not understanding a few things that may be plain and simple to everyone else, but bear with me!

At level 35 I blew my small fortune on sylvari light armor – it looks awesome, and I love it. Further, the stats were nifty as heck! I figured I’d be set well into my 50s without having to upgrade.

I was mistaken, however, because of the curiosity that is armor scaling. I.. don’t understand the mechanics of it, but I’m guessing that while I’m still playing in lower areas (which I have been) my armor doesn’t so much scale down with my level, but actually below it if my armor level doesn’t match my character level. If someone could confirm/deny/explain that, I’d love to know more.

So, reasonably, I should buy/craft armor to match my level and transmute to keep my cultural skin – but I’m confused about the stats. Why does a level 35 set of armor have stats comparable to ~50? Especially if, at level 36 those stats are suddenly null and void (if I understand correctly)?

I feel really confounded by the idea of having to ‘upgrade’ and lose stats, since I can’t swap to level 40 armor and keep the cultural stats – level and stats are connected, yes?

For the sake of survival, I’ll start upgrading with downgrades (twitch), but I’d like to understand the method in this apparent madness! Wouldn’t it make infinitely more sense if level 35 cultural armor had level 35 stats, so upgrades would be upgrades and not downgrades?

A few insights would be great! So would any suggestions.

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Perfect, as it seems that the question has been solved, we proceed to close the thread.