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I tried really hard to like this game (as I would anything that I waited a long time to play, like Skyrim =P), but in the end, I just couldn’t make that happen. And it’s a real shame considering all the potential here.

However, it’s not like there’s any mystery to why I don’t like it. I haz a list ahem

It all started with the simple fact that I couldn’t do structured PvP with a friend. We were both shocked after realized we had to “Ghetto-queue” to join the 5v5s, and even then, there was only a chance we’d be on the same team.

Although facing them in battle was sort of interesting at first, we still had to time our “Join clicks” to get into the same game, and this alone (whether it sounds petty or not) was almost a deal breaker. (Pst… serious pvper…rerers….)

Then there’s the slightly less obvious things… Like the day you wake up and realize “Holy crap!!!!! Dynamic events aren’t actually dynamic! x_x!” and should be renamed “Cycling Self-activating Exp. Activities” … Or as I like to call them: CSAEA’s…… Granted, they were sort of cleverly disguised, but definitely not dynamic, and the feeling of grinding did NOT go away, which leads me to my next point….

Everything ultimately felt like a chore because I had no “real” goals or incentive to play (beyond curiosity). I’d never REALLY be more powerful, and when I hit level cap I’d just be asked to do the same “Player-friendly”, “Globally Accessible”, dead-end content over and over….. And people are like “Omg bro.. Just enjoy the game. I bet you haven’t gotten 100% completion all over the world”…………. …………… ……………… WUT?

Sure, the world is stunning… beautiful… and probably the most appealing out of any MMO i’ve ever played… (At least until FFXIV Reborn is released) I have no problem giving credit where it’s due. But let me talk about graphics elsewhere. —- Let me talk Character graphics.

Playing GW2, I realized how important it is for me to be able to take my character seriously.. At least when I intend to take the game/plot seriously, but I can’t when every race looks so silly. It’s not the character models themselves (though they do lean a bit too far on the Korean MMO side of things) that make the characters unappealing… Its the ANIMATION…

Everything is so generic feeling… Isn’t just “poor animation”, though…. It’s the lack of culture…. or something… which prevents the characters from FEELING real…. It’s like you been warped into a different universe where there’s all these stale humanoid races. Very reserved style, and no real distinction.

And I know plenty of you are going to be all up in arms, but I’m sure a lot of you have played WoW… Blizzard sucks at a whole lot of things, but they “do not” suck at animation and bringing things to life. Consider how the trolls run, then squat down all GANGSTA when you’re idle…. Consider Night Elves and how they occasionally do a flip when you jump, and how they run… It makes the ROLE that I’m playing feel believable…. I feel like I’m apart of a certain culture. And all of that is absent in GW2, for me. It’s the little things.

The second big “NO NO” trend, probably set off by Bioware with SWTOR, is the character voice overs….

You want to give the NPCs voices? Fine, sure, whatever man But you want to make my character sound like a kitten? HAHA, no sirrrrrr (or ma’am). I want to be able to “imagine” what my characters voice sounds like. I want it to be left up to me, as it should be, and SWTOR had the same problem… All my characters sounded like a joke and prevented me from enjoying the role I was playing, thus ruining the point of character stories.

So, in the end, the bottom line is…. I have no incentive to play GW2 — and since this game is apparently losing tons of players daily, I’d say the feeling is mostly mutual amongst users.

I don’t pay $15 a month to play GW2, so I can’t make any demands =P… But I just “Hope” that the GW2 team will consider a massive revamp….

-Create better lore
-Construct solo content that most will actually find interesting
-Create sPvP zones with more-entertaining objectives (jeez!!!)
-Give the races of Tyria some STYLE/culture with better animations.

And I know Arenanet is against the whole “Play-for-power” thing, but what else is there to play for? If I want to enjoy frolicking around, happily, in a world of sadism and chaos, I’d go outside.

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Hello everyone.

Lunatorra, thanks for your feedback, which will be passed on to the team. However, should you feel you want to contribute to the Suggestions subforum with different ideas about how to improve the game, feel very free and welcome to do so.