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i’m getting really tired of this.

every session i seem to spend more time juggling groups and coordinating map points of people than i do actually directing battles and strategizing.

my guild had 4 groups last night, 3 of which with 3 people each in them, so that we wouldn’t have someone alone. we started with 2 groups.

there’s really no call for this kitten in a game that sells itself on “play the game not the ui” because quite frankly i’ve never played the ui more than i am now in gw2. more like fight than play really.

it makes me not want to do wvw at all quite frankly, because the amount of time and effort spent solely on doing what should not be an issue whatsoever.

and no, commander book is not the answer. it does not address this issue in any shape form or function. it’s is 110% purely for herding pugs.

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Hello Dirtyklingon,

thank you very much for your feedback, which will be forwarded to the team.