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Hi there!

I have (common I gues) problem with FPS, but I couldn’t get any working solution.
My laptop is Lenovo Y570:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Intel i5 2430M
GF 555GT

Resolution : 1366×768

I guess on this configuration it should be around 30 FPS on auto-detect settings (medium).

Here’s the thing – I got like 10 FPS fighting anything, and around 5 FPS during any event with other players which is hard to play.

What’s interesting on the best settings it is just the same, as well as on the lowest… ( during any battle)

I updated drivers and did what is written in step-by-step topic, but it’s still the same.

Anyone got and solved same problem ?

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Hi Kuba, if you’re still experiencing this issue, I’d like for you to create a support ticket with the Technical Support Department so that we can assist you one on one in regards to this issue. Please refer to the sticky post below for steps to creating a support ticket:


Note: You do not need to include account related information in your response for Technical Support.