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To avoid voyeurs and possible exploiters I won’t divulge the location or mechanics of what happened to me last night while doing a jumping puzzle in one of the WvWVW maps. While attempting a jump I fell from a ledge into the water below. Nothing strange there. While submerged I looked around and found an invader hiding under a small underwater alcove. The person seemed to be afk for he did not respond as I proceeded to execute him. Anyway, when I had finished him off I turned around and swam to the surface to find myself in a vast subterranean green ocean with no way to climb out. I started swimming and found myself way out of the boundaries of the puzzle. When I looked up to my amazement I somehow had ended up under the WvWvW map looking through a transparent floor at battles raging above me while a keep was being stormed. I have not attempted to reproduce what happened. I have gotten stuck inbetween walls in the past but this was just weird.

I did take some screenshots but posting them would divulge the location of the map I was in so I’d rather not.

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Thank you for your discretion in reporting this exploit. To help us follow up on this, please send us the specific details on this via our email exploits(at)arena.net.

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