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Got suspended for no reason earlier today so I submit a ticket like any other person would do. After getting 2 automated responses that gave me no information at all and had nothing to do with my problem, I get an email telling me my account has been permanently closed and that “The attempted purchase of the Guild Wars 2 Serial Code used to create this account was voided as the transaction was found to be fraudulent in nature” and that “There is no option to have this account reopened or to have the block removed from the game account.” That’s great, except I bought the game from the online store at the Guild Wars 2 website which apparently is a fraudulent retailer. So…I’ve been playing for not even 3 days an Arenanet has already juked me out of 60 dollars.

Also I find it funny that it takes them 2 hours to send an automated ticket response. If you’re going to have robots reply to people’s tickets why not just send em out once the ticket is submitted? Are they trying to make it seem like they’re actually doing work?

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I’m gathering info in another thread, as Kaosuyousei points out. I’ll close this one and invite you to post in the Blocked/suspended/terminated thread.