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Obviously the accuracy of this article is not 100%, who knows…I hope it is not accurate.

However, to quote: "With great challenges come great rewards. The patch will introduce ascended items. Ascended armors are “slightly more powerful than exotics” and can, in some cases, hold slots for infusions. Infusions will allow you to increase your character’s power. Guild Wars players are familiar with infusing armor, although I’ll be my hat that the process doesn’t involve creepy Seers this time ’round."

Slightly more powerful than exotics… So, if I want to be top dog I need to get this ascended gear? And then reskin? What about the next content patch, after the mid-november one? Going to increase the stats slightly again? Is this the beginnings of the gear treadmill?

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Please, refer to the link Tosha just provided. A great number of players are now discussing this issue there.

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