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Blocked my account because of what I actually have not to do. Besides, I’ve never received any explanation or warning. Four days after contact ‘support team’ is been no response.
I can’t understand. why are you put the blame on customer(me) without any evidence or opportunity of explaining. it seems to be punishment by according to rumors
I have not even exposed to the warning page, any misdeeds. But A.net does not want to know about this. Unanswered support ticket is only there as well.

sorry for broken english……

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Hello everyone.

BlueChief, we understand your frustration while you wait to play again but you need to give time to Customer Support till they resolve your incidence. If your account has been closed for suspected botting activity (I infer this from your message), they will check this info manually and proceed to restore your account once they have proved your innocence. But you need to give them a little bit more of time.

And, as Zaken has pointed out, do not forget to write your ticket details in the fore-mentioned thread.