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First of all Hi everyone!

First I want to say that I am not a guild leader or a commander. I’m just a normal Gunners Hold Player.

As many already know, yesterday Kiss has left Gunners hold.

The main reason is the small number of players from the server. I think this argument is quite justified, wishing no criticism. Each guild should play wherever it makes more fun for them.

That such a huge guild is leaving us brings consequences. (I think this is normal)
We are now going to definitely lose a few positions in the WvWvW-Ranking.

What does that mean for us? How do we counteract?
We are inferior to most enemy servers numerically!
Now it is very important that we stick together.
It is even more important that our active commanders now move the masses. (Can we even talk yet of masses on Gunners Hold? LOL xD)

We have many good players on Gunners hold. We must now learn to transfer from smaller teams to a mass, so we can still be successful as a minority.

Cooperation, cohesion and motivation are now our magic words!

I hope I can motivate some of the other players to continue to fight for Gunners hold.
It is far too easy to call oneself a “Gunners Holder” if everything goes well.
A true Gunners Holder proves itself when the ship begins to sink.

Never forget: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

I hope many support my opinion!

PS: Sorry for my bad english!

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Hello everybody.

Just passing by to remind you to stay civil and on topic as negative and personal attacks will be deleted. Thanks!