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What does it actually mean when the server populations says “High” or “Full.” Does ANet go by the number of people CURRENTLY on said server, or by the number of accounts MADE on said server.

Also, is there any official sort of chart/graph that shows each server’s current population in comparison to eachother?

I am currently on Henge of Denravi, and even though it says “High”, and is the second server down from one that says “Full”, most of the areas seem so deserted. Granted, I only just started the game a day or two ago, so I may not have gotten to any majorly populated areas.

Thank you in advance. =)

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Hello everyone.

Connor, when you see a server FULL means that it is full from people actually playing there at the moment, independently of where did they create their accounts. For example, if a player creates an account in Vizunah Square and then moves to Baruch Bay, then all the characters of this player will go to Baruch Bay and he will be counted among the total amount of players of Baruch.

Answering to your second question: no, there is no chart that shows that kind of information, I am afraid.