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My account was banned for fraudulent purchase, through no fault of my own (I received it as a gift).
The simple question is, is it possible for me to buy a new legitimate serial code for my account and associate it with my old account?, so that I can keep the month or so playtime I allotted.
If not, why not?
The thought of starting again is kinda soul destroying and if I don’t get my progress back, I’m sure that the money that would be spent on buying a new serial key can go somewhere else other than Arenanet’s pockets.

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Each situation is reviewed individually. In some cases, what you’re asking may be possible, but in others it will not be. (The reasons are complicated, but correlate to our intentions to maintain the best in security, to address any ownership questions, and to curtail RMT activity.)

Please do continue the discussion with Support and they’ll let you know how this can be resolved for you.