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Hi there! Exuse my terrible enhlish but, i have to ask a few things.

My problem is : I want to buy Gw2 for my friends, so i did log onto shop and bought 1 normal account and regged it to my friends email, and sent him the key.
He sucsessfully installed and run the game, also made an account and it worked.

BUT when i wanted to do the same for my other friend, the webpage on shop where you have to fill in your credit card and stuff keeps saying : Page error, after i click on complete.
I did try to run it in compatibility mode, but the same problem, nothing happens.
(i did check all info and stuff its filled in right, and i am sure i have mnoey on card)

After that i doppel checked the email, but it wont work with any email i give in.
AFter that i used google crome, and put in the credit card numbers and other info, but it says the Credit card informations are wrong somehow. And thats not tru, i checked 4-5 times the numbers they fit, and all other info to.
Is the page wrong?
Or i can only buy 2 Gw with 1 credit card?
Or is some other problem present?
I have a MasterCard, and live in Hungari, using the bank K&H

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We would very much like to help you complete your generous gifting, but this is a situation that needs to be addressed privately to our Support Team so they can help. Please contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page.