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I submitted a ticket regarding this issue and got a canned response that was totally unrelated to what I wrote.

Unauthorized server transfer:
When I logged on to the game on Saturday (Nov 10th) my account had been transferred to HoD. I did not authorize any server transfer! I have been on Crystal Desert since beta. I do not know what happened here. I have never even considered transferring servers. When I looked at my account to see what happened it said I had 6 days before I could transfer. I understand the whole 7 day thing, however, I did NOT authorize the server transfer in the first place! What I am asking is to be put back on Crystal Desert because I did not authorize a transfer. The only thing I can think of is that someone with a similar account tag was trying to transfer and the database got confused and transferred me instead. Please restore my home server back to Crystal Desert. The server transfer was not made by me.

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I would strongly suggest that you change your password, and use one that is complex and used only for Guild Wars 2.

In the meantime, I’ll ask the team about this, but the person I’d speak to is unavailable at the present time.